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Jennifer Drayer is celebrated for her vibrant, sophisticated vibe. With a signature style that juxtaposes contemporary aesthetics with classical rules, Jennifer blends diverse periods of furniture under one roof creating a unique vision of modern design. Drayer Interiors, her namesake firm, is a luxury design service specializing in residential interior design.


Jennifer graduated in 2010 from the prestigious New York School of Interior Design. With job openings being next to none she decided to take matters into her own hands and opened up Drayer Interiors; kicking off as lead designer her business quickly began to flourish through the word of mouth and recommendations of satisfied clients.


Jennifer’s designs have attracted prestigious clientele including corporate executives, families, and young professionals. Her projects have painted the walls of various interiors from C-level suites and corporate offices to co-ops, condominiums and residential estates. Building such a diverse portfolio has allowed Jennifer to complete projects across the country.


Jennifer’s approach to interior design is completely hands on. “When you invite someone into your home you are welcoming them into an intimate part of your life; being involved in every aspect of the project ensures a client’s comfort throughout the process. It's important to me that each client feel they have my undivided attention.” Working so closely together, Jennifer has formed personal relationships with her clients allowing her a unique insight to their individual needs. Jennifer’s B.A. in Psychology provides her with the skill set to create environments which balance the day to day of busy working professionals.


Jennifer’s designs have earned accolades in Westchester Home magazine, Millennial magazine and Décor for Kids along with features in Zinc Door’s Instagram profile. Jennifer resides in NYC and provides services throughout the country.

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